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Television Host

Shakin' The Salt With Dr. Peppers

Professional Speaker

Motivation, Humor, Inspiration


Education, Business, Community

Radio Talk Show Host

Talk From The Heart & Quest For Character

Published Author

Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Blog


Dr. Peppers:

  • 2012 Telly Award for Featured Documentary
  •  Featured for Documentary on Higher Education Channel (HEC)
  •  Honored for hosting 250 TV episodes, The Outreach Connection
  •  Selected as weekly Featured Columnist for St. Louis newspaper
  •  Foundation Wall of Fame Scholarship Member: Grant Presenter
  •  Published in Chicken Soup For The Soul: Thanks, Dad!
  •  Published and co-authored book The Master’s Hand
  •  Selected presenter, International Federation of Speakers, S. Africa
  •  Selected as presenter at large school in Cuzco, Peru
  •  Featured on international television program,  SPOTLIGHT
  •  Published in book The Power of Words
  •  One of three most influential teachers, Lindbergh H. S. 50 year history
  •  Emcee for The Global Day of Prayer at Busch Stadium, St. Louis
  •  Recognition for outstanding leadership by Senator Claire McCaskill
  •  Finalist for A&E special, The Pulpit Masters
  •  Author, Chicken Soup For The Soul: Celebrating Mothers & Daughters
  •  Inducted into Midwest Education Hall of Fame
  •  Selected for Board of Directors for National Speakers Association
  •  Selected as Presenter for the Midwest Regional Emmy Awards
  •  Published by Bethany House: The Embrace of a Father
  •  Ten-year host of talk show on KJSL Radio, 3-6 PM Monday-Friday
  •  Story published in Chicken Soup for the Grandma’s Soul
  •  Television pilot and published in God Allows U-Turns
  •  MC for National Federation of Press Women, “Getting Published
  •  Featured on TCT Television internationally in 170 countries
  •  Interviewed in El Salvador on TBN Television, reaching 25 countries
  •  Ten Year Service Award as adjunct professor at Webster University
  •  Monthly columnist for St. Louis newspaper
  •  Biography published in anthology: Women Serving Women
  •  Featured on national television program, On Main Street
  •  Personal story published in Chicken Soup: Living Your Dreams
  •  1st Place, National Federation of Press Women Communication Contest
  •  Published in Chicken Soup for the Teacher’s Soul
  •  Authored and published full length book - It’s Your Turn Now!  
  •  Presenter in Europe, Africa, Greece, South America, Canada, Australia
  •  Keynoter at the Crystal Cathedral International Women’s Conference
  •  National Speakers Association 1st Place Regional Showcase Winner
  •  Published in God Allows U-Turns
  •  Outstanding Alumni Award, Webster University
  •  Selected as Presenter for the Regional Emmy Awards
  •  International Who's Who of Professional Management
  •  AT&T Cable Network Weekly Television Talk Show Host
  •  Featured by Bob Costas with Cardinal Baseball Hall of Fame
  •  Resolution of Honor by State of Missouri House of Representatives
  •  Inducted into National Teachers Hall of Fame
  •  Senate recommendation for Governor’s School Violence Task Force
  •  Proclamation given by U.S. Secretary of Education, Richard Riley
  •  St. Louis School Partnership ( Integration Program for Race Relations)
  •  Trainer for Lee Canter & Associates, 10 years: 
  •  Succeeding with Difficult Students, Discipline, Violence Prevention
  •  Selected to interview Presidential candidates and wives  
  •  Missouri State Technology Award
  •  St. Louis Hometown Hero Award  
  •  Published Action Research through Washington University
  •  World of Difference Award recipient,  B’nai B’rith, National Community
  •   Relations Award  of Honor, KMOV-TV, Education Award
  •   Featured Teacher of the Year, KMOX radio.  

Dr. Peppers Shakin' The Salt!

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Dr. Peppers' Books, CD's, and DVD's

Purchase Dr. Debra Peppers' Publications here.


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It's Your Turn Now!
Price: $10.00


Dr. Debra Peppers, former high school drop out, shares the step by step process she went through in changing major areas of her life. She opens with famous success stories of people who were once labeled as "failures"  - as she felt she was too. Then sharing her personal story of "From Troubled Teen to Teacher of the Year" she includes what her parents and family had to go through-her drinking, running away, and even attempted suicide. Each chapter is a step by step guide of how the reader can take their unwanted personal issues and actually turn them into opportunities to change. Dr. Peppers includes ways to get motivated and actually begin, how to focus, how to implement change, how to get help, how to stay motivated, and how to balance one’s life physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. She truly believes that God will use this book to help others through the tragedies and stumbling blocks of their lives into the rich, rewarding, and successful life they are destined to have. Debra says, “If I can overcome being a 250 pound suicidal high school dropout- anyone can turn around! That's why I titled it... IT'S YOUR TURN NOW!”

Paperback, 120 pages


How I lost 100 Pounds and Gained New Life!
Price: $10.00


This CD in Dr. Peppers’ own voice deals specifically with the issue of being overweight all of her life. She says, “ I was born fat, grew up as a fat child, a fat teen and by age 23 I didn't want to live. I have tried EVERY diet, gimmick and aid possible- even pills, shots, hypnosis and all the popular diet programs. It wasn't about food. I was stuffing down my feelings, hated myself  and was mad at the world, and couldn't do anything about it – so I thought.” Dr. Peppers graphically reveals how she finally screamed out to God and surrendered all areas of her life to Him- physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. She  shares specifically what helped her lose the 100 pound and how she is in the top 1% of people who have kept this much weight off for over 25 years. Dr. Peppers also includes her favorite scriptures dealing directly with food and overeating and how she feeds her soul so that she eats to live- and doesn’t live to eat. She says, “I have no gimmicks, but I share specifically the routine, foods and prayer life that work for me. I have also worked for twenty years with girls and women who are compulsive overeaters, anorexic and bulimic and I have seen miracle after miracle! There is no reason why with God's help we can't be a normal size, healthy and energetic as God intended us to be.”

Audio Compact Disc

The Gift of Hope!
Price: $10.00


Dr. Peppers shares her personal story of growing up in a small town in the Midwest where life was idyllic in the beginning. In spite of her upbringing in a "good home" with a church-going family and all “the right pieces in place” she still fell through the cracks until a faithful teacher and her parents “picked her up.” Revealing her innermost thoughts and fears as she was deemed a complete failure, Debra shares how she rebelled against her parents, society and anything having to do with God. Trying all that this world offered to find happiness- drinking, drugs, relationships, food, dabbling in various cults, Vietnam protesting, education and philosophies, even witchcraft, only made things worse. Even a year into her marriage she was contemplating divorce! Thirty five successful years later she is so thankful she didn’t follow through! The Gift of Hope is a tribute to Debra’s high school English teacher who told her, after her third time of running away, that  "God is going to do something great with your life". Little did Miss Alma know that Debra too would become a teacher. This CD is the “before and after story” that  each one of us can have, no matter how far we have gone down the wrong road and no matter how far we feel we have to go. Dr. Peppers concludes with a strategy for a balanced life that ends the personal struggle we have with ourselves and with God. This CD is indeed the gift of hope needed for one more struggling soul. The bonus is a personal message by Debra’s parents, now in their 80’s.

Audio Compact Disc

The Making of Choices
Price: $10.00


This documentary follows the making of “Choices” a classroom experiment that turned into a nationally distributed production. Problems faced by teens in 1987 in Saint Louis, Missouri had a common thread among teens nationwide and the production “Choices” was made into a video and distributed nationally at no cost by Bell Telephone. The production was nominated for and won an Emmy award

DVD Video 

Thanks Dad
Price: $10.00

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Thanks Dad
101 Stories about Gratitude, Love, and Good Times
This book gives fathers the pat on the back they deserve. Children of all ages share their heartfelt words of thanks and loving memories in this collection of 101 new stories. Debra's story, Runaway Letter, is included in the collection. Whether the reader is a new dad, a father to one or more, a father of teens, a father of grown children, or a grandfather, these heartwarming and humorous stories will resonate with him. He may even find that his kids did pay attention after all!

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